Golden Valley Arts

Golden Valley Arts provides funding and leadership to stimulate and assure the advancement of the arts throughout Golden Valley, MN. Golden Valley Arts serves and responds to the needs of local artists, arts organizations, and residents through diverse channels, each with a significant impact on the quality of life in Golden Valley.


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Golden Valley Arts aims to:

  • Provide leadership and funding to local arts creators through a competitive grants program
  • Enhance the cultural environment of our city through a Golden Valley Public Art program
  • Offer affordable and accessible venues for artists, arts organizations, and the community as a whole through partnership with the City of Golden Valley
  • Promote arts education experiences and opportunities for all ages
  • Golden Valley Arts programs are made possible through gifts from local individuals, small businesses, corporations, the Golden Valley Community Foundation and other Foundations, the City of Golden Valley, Hennepin County and Minnesota Arts Board, MN regional arts council and more.

Together, with this support… WE MAKE ART HAPPEN!

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Whats happening with Golden Valley Arts?
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Who are you looking for?
We’re seeking arts-oriented leaders with an interest in shaping a community-focused arts organization.

Is it OK to forward this to a friend?
Yes!  We are building thru old-fashioned word-of-mouth right now, so your referrals are very valuable!

Why get involved? 
Golden Valley has a tremendous creative community, but limited opportunities to encourage or participate together.  A Golden Valley Arts leader has a direct impact on arts engagements in our city.

What time commitment is needed?
That is up to you.  All interested leaders are encouraged to get involved at the level they are able.

What types of things would I be doing?
There are many opportunities.  Help develop Golden Valley Arts’ operations, support with administrative tasks, outreach to local makers and arts organizations, review public art submissions, organize art shows, and many more ideas.

Upcoming Golden Valley Arts projects:

Views of the Valley Photo Retrospective / Families of Planet Earth  / Street Banners Artists / Brookview Art Community Voices / /  SuperGreen Gallery