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Community Engagement

Golden Valley Envision Connection Project needs your help to think of fresh, new and exciting ways to bring our neighbors out and mingle in our community. All we need is you! Contact us to talk about strengthening community!

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Public Private Partnerships

Golden Valley Ice Cream Social is part of Music in the Parks and one event that brings people together across our community. Whether it's seeing old friends, tasting something delicious or listening to music, join us for events that create community. Sponsored in part by GVCF.

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Community Events

Golden Valley Arts & Music Festival is a long-standing tradition. Beginning 2014 the day-long event is moving to September! On Saturday, September 13, 2014 we celebrated with over 3000 people in Golden Valley!

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Creative Community

Music. Sculpture. Activities. Places. Business and School engagement. Small Sparks start with you. SPARKS ARE IDEAS that become events, activities and facilities! What can we do together to make our city a better place to live? What ideas do you have that people can help become a reality! Contact us or the Envision Connection Board at the city of Golden Valley to begin to create an event or an ongoing tradition! All we need is you!

Say thanks to our Community Partners and supporters!