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The Golden Valley Community Foundation’s Board of Directors is a diverse group of 15 members, all committed to GVCF’s mission of using philanthropy, community initiatives and funding support to address the changing needs and interests of Golden Valley neighbors and friends.

As we work to get to know the community even better, we thought it would be nice for the community (you!) to get to know us a little better, too. Each month, we’ll introduce you to one of our board members on our social media sites. First up is Linda Loomis, who is currently the principal of Naiad Consulting, LLC, and who served as the mayor of Golden Valley from 2002-2012.

GVCF: What made you want to join the GVCF board?

Linda Loomis (LL): The Foundation came out of Envision Golden Valley, which brought community members together to outline a shared vision for Golden Valley’s future, while I served as Mayor. I was approached by the GVCF Board once I was no longer Mayor. Since I had been an integral part of the Envision Connection Project, this seemed like a logical next step.

GVCF: What interested you most about GVCF?

LL: GVCF was an exciting next step for Envision. The Connection Project looked for people in the community with ideas to advance the goals of Envision – inspiring care for community and creatively connecting people, places, and things. We found many people with great ideas but who needed money to fund those ideas. The Foundation was created to provide funding for those people and their ideas. The Foundation teamed up with the Arts & Music Festival to form a non-profit foundation unique to the city of Golden Valley.

GVCF:  What are your personal aspirations about serving on the board?

LL: It is so fun to see Small Spark grants happen. To see people with ideas about bringing community together transform their idea into reality is exciting! It would be so great to see more applications for grants come in and expand the program. It would also increase awareness of the Foundation and what a great asset it could become for the city of Golden Valley.

GVCF: Talk to me about Small Sparks grants. What are they? How do they help Golden Valley?

LL: Small Spark grants enable Golden Valley residents and neighbors to build community. Applicants submit an application to the Foundation for funding a project or event. 2017 will be the Foundation’s fourth year of funding grants. GVCF has funded almost $15,000 of projects since 2014. This has included:

Service night for Meadowbrook School, where the student body and their family came together do a number of projects for the local community and beyond.

Another project to create mini orchards in Golden Valley was funded after a local resident, Margaret, Beegle (a member of the GV Garden Club), reached out to local schools and churches to plant fruit bearing plants. The goal is to harvest the fruit for use at the school or to share with others in the community.

Global Golden Valley has received a number of grants, to help fund events, including two International Days and the GV Farmers Market, Market in the Valley. They organized and hosted a naturalization ceremony in Golden Valley on the 4th of July and they have held several educational events in partnership with the GV Library and the GV League of Women Voters, where foreign-born GV residents shared their stories of coming to America.

A class from Armstrong High School also shared their experiences from an exchange to Japan.

Other efforts that have been funded include a fall golf event at Brookview Golf Course; Ghoulish Golf and music at Market in the Valley.

The application process is now open (April 30), and we look forward to reviewing the great ideas that are submitted. You can visit our website to learn more about Small Sparks and submit an application.