Golden Valley Adult Leadership Evolve Program for you

YOUR Talents and YOUR Passions come to life to help your community!

We are excited you are interested in our Adult leadership program!   This 4 month winter program is a key to unlocking your transferrable skills for your encore career.   The Foundation is sponsoring this program to help adults “better than 55” identify and exercise the skills that allow you to make a difference in your community.  The program is lead by certified trainers.

Please register today.  Space is limited!

The Foundation Investment

This program is so important to our community and to our residents that we are paying 66% of the tuition!  You pay only $250 and that includes LUNCHES.

Beginning January 4th,  you’ll experience 8 days exploration  and training in only 4 months!   This training will help you or someone you know, hone skills, focus energies and connect with others to be a positive force in our community!

To get more information or to register for your leadership development training for adults touch the link below.