Foundation Stories

GVCF creates a special bond for everyone who gets involved, yet each neighbor’s Foundation Story is unique, just like them.

Here are a few of the stories people have shared…

Both my wife and I have Golden Valley roots and we have been very happy to raise our boys here and appreciate all that Golden Valley offers. Our involvement in the GV Community Foundation grew out of a natural set of relationships with friends and neighbors and has blossomed into a family affair — engaging our siblings, our kids, and new neighbors and friends. We’ve met really great people and have appreciated the opportunity to support the growth of the GV Community Foundation along the way — it’s an easy way to give back to a community we really value.
–Luke Weisberg

I moved to Golden Valley in my 20’s and didn’t really have much of a history besides working here.  But over the years I’ve seen neighbors come together on many topics and build community thru those opportunities. I’d  volunteer with different projects, but never really felt on the starting-line of something. That’s where GVCF stands out.  It really is a great place to start things big and small. And as the one place that keeps Golden Valley community-building at it’s core, its proven to be the perfect match for me.  I believe in GVCF because I see the community-building results, and the potential for the future.  
— John Kluchka