Golden Valley Community Foundation

The Foundation uses philanthropy, community initiatives and funding support to address the changing needs and interests of GV neighbors and friends.

Golden Valley is a thriving community with many individuals and organizations actively seeking to improve our neighborhoods and our city. The Golden Valley Community Foundation (GVCF) is unique as a nonprofit public charity created by and for the people of Golden Valley.

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The Foundation grew from the Envision Golden Valley Project,  which continues to influence our goals for the city today.  As a result, The Foundation is supported by many community organizations, including Golden Valley’s elected leaders.

Did you know? We’re an independent, self-governed 501 (c) 3 community foundation.

GVCF is the ideal community conduit for philanthropic giving, both for those who wish to give back to their community, and for those looking to launch their idea with a little help.

The Foundation receives, manages, and distributes funds that benefit our community, plus  provide a structured way to solicit and distribute funds for the maximum benefit.

The GVCF Board are neighbors and friends just like you who live and work in Golden Valley.  The Board is elected at an annual meeting of the organization. The GVCF Board of Directors disburses funds based upon established criteria and decision-making processes. The Foundation is guided by input from our team, volunteers, neighbors and friends, supporting organizations, and contributors.